About Yvette

Yvette Larson is known and respected as a caring and conscientious real estate professional. Her attention to detail and collaborative working style routinely earn praise from a growing base of clients, most of whom she acquires through referrals from existing clients, colleagues, and even competing agents. She chooses quality over quantity every time, building trusting relationships with her clients, vendors, and other agents across the real estate market.

Yvette Larson with her husband
Yvette with her husband

With each new relationship, Yvette takes the time to learn about needs and priorities and to share her expansive knowledge and insights. She strives to create an open and unified approach in making buying and selling decisions. She’s a naturally inquisitive and observant professional who recognizes that what matters to buyers and sellers is different with each transaction, and each client’s priorities and concerns take precedence.

Yvette understands that for every seller she represents, there is a buyer whose needs are equally important, and she goes out of her way to make sure your property’s best and most valuable features are highlighted and positioned to deliver on the real needs of buyers. For her buying clients, she is exceptionally thorough at evaluating properties and keeping the focus on the features and functions of a property that matter most to your budget and lifestyle, while steering you clear of unwanted surprises.


Yvette Larson with her dog in Yosemite
Yvette with her dog in Yosemite

She’s an ally to reciprocal Realtors in a joint transaction. She’s invaluable in the purchase and sale process, able to persevere and overcome perceived barriers in a negotiation with effective communication, sincerity, and a relentless prowess in brokering the needed compromises that can positively alter an outcome.

She’s thorough, communicative, and always accessible. Yvette values genuine relationships with those clients who appreciate her expertise and knowledge, her sense of fairness and honesty, and her unwavering devotion to providing a quality service and an enjoyable buying or selling experience.

Though Yvette has accumulated numerous awards and accreditations, her sense of fulfillment comes from creating a happy home for her family, and the families of the clients she serves.

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My goal is to make your dream a reality. No matter what stage of the buying and/or selling process you are in, I would love to work with you to get you closer to your dream.

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