The below cities and communities are Yvette’s specialties. However, there are lots of little towns around and between, and she serves those as well. 

Select any town name to learn more about it and why it’s so special. 

Mountain House is such a special, unique town. It’s organized into villages, each with its own park and K-8 school. It’s become one of the most popular places to live just outside of the Bay Area. People know that when they’re searching for a home for their family, a place where they will feel welcomed, Mountain House is an easy choice. A place where their kids can safely walk to school and play in the streets. A neighborhood where you actually get to know your neighbors. Villages with their own unique personalities. Since Mountain House is so new, no one was born and raised there. (Unless you’re a kid, anyway!) That means that everyone was new to the town at one point and is very welcoming to their new neighbors. Plus: highly rated schools, beautiful parks and playgrounds (like Central Park with its wonderful splash pad), clean streets, and walking trails.

Just next door to Mountain House is Tracy, a large, old city with a population of over 90,000. Don’t let its large size fool you. Tracy is comprised of multiple neighborhoods that feel distinct from one another, so there isn’t a sense of over-crowding like you’ll find in many Bay Area cities. Since Tracy is historically agricultural, it extends over a large area. It’s a very spread-out city! Homes range from condos, to three bedrooms, all the way to large ranches further out in town. A lovely combination of old and new homes defines Tracy. You’ll still find large lot sizes (think over an acre or two) in multiple areas of town. Whether you’re looking for a suburban homestead, a small ranch, or a house in the suburbs, Tracy has it.

Lathrop is known for its waterfront properties and its connections to the Delta. There are multiple waterways with convenient boat launching areas. They even have boat races that can be seen just off of I-5. It’s also known for River Islands, a new master-planned community located just west of I-5 and north of I-205. It’s growing quickly, and will soon include a town center and employment center. A huge draw for this community is its location on the river. It’s a beautiful place to live, with easy access to the rest of Lathrop and its established shopping centers. If you’re looking for a newer home in a beautiful community, River Island is worth checking out.

Manteca, located in the heart of the Central Valley, is often seen as an affordable alternative to Mountain House and Tracy. This may be true, but it’s so much more than that. Manteca is a wonderful place to live, work, and shop. It is known for its unique sports park (Big League Dreams), nice movie theater (AMC in the Promenade), and of course Bass Pro Shops (the first to open in Northern California). The Promenade is a lovely, dynamic shopping center with a great mix of specialty shops and restaurants. And since Manteca is conveniently located close to I-5 and I-205, it’s easy to access the Bay Area and the rest of the Central Valley.

A relatively small town with a population of approximately 16,000, the city of Ripon is often overlooked. But it’s hard to miss the Mistlin Water Tower just off Hwy 99 that serves as one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks. Driving through town is peaceful and scenic with an abundance of almond orchards that are especially gorgeous when in bloom. With their charming downtown, two golf courses, culinary scene, and quaint flower and fruit stands, it’s no surprise Ripon calls itself the Jewel of the Valley. The homes are often surrounded by these beautiful orchards and range from two bedroom duets all the way to custom built homes.

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